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Two And A Half Years Ago

- by Steve Kaufman

I saw a photo of me Two half years ago before my stroke,

I had long hair.  Today, I have short hair.

I had a painted coat on.  Today, I wear black hand made suits.

I was over weight.  Today, I lost 75 lbs. I do 200 push ups a day.

I had a bandage on my hair was I a cross between a biker and a 60’s hippie.

Today, I have a GQ look, with a very cutting edge.

I lived in my Art Studio/warehouse off Melrose.

Today, I live in a nice home with the actor Jim Carrey as my neighbor.

I'm an artist.  I get to work and create on projects that I only could dream of before. Today, I’m in great shape.  I see life in a new way.  I live in a nice home, and yet I’m still the kid from the Bronx.  My feet even grew from size 12 to 15.  I had died with my stroke, but I've been reborn.  I work out with the gang kids I hire, and they can't keep up with me.  Life is great.  I must be in a coma vs. having a stroke and I'm dreaming all this.  I'm in the Matrix, just like the movie.  TODAY, I have a inner peace I never had before.  Who am I?  I live harder, and breathe life in my Art like I never did before.  I climb mountains.  I love life so much.  I'm the luckiest man in the world.