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Sigfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy. Limited edition portrait.
100% of the sales income would go to charity.

Steve Kaufman Art Studio would create a limited edition of Siegfried and Roy that would be auctioned off every night after the Siegfried and Roy show, with 66% of this auction income going to Siegfried and Roy's favorite charity and the balance of the 34% income would go to Steve Kaufman's charity, "Give Kids A Break."

After the Siegfried and Roy show, the winner of the auction would get to meet Siegfried and Roy as they sign the portrait to the winner of the auction. This project can raise millions of dollars for each of the charities. 100% will be in control of Siegfried and Roy, from collecting the auction income and releasing the 34% quarterly checks to Give Kids a Break. Two Original portraits would be given to Siegfried and Roy as a gift; the image can be used on t-shirts, etc. to help both charities.

Each year, Art Studio will create a new Siegfried and Roy portrait, with the income going to the same charities.

What is the charity "Give Kids a Break?"

Steve Kaufman Art Studio has hired over 795 kids from the LA prison system, giving them a job and a chance to straight out their lives. We at Art Studio have had an 85% success rate with these kids. Art Studio would like to open a new Art Studio in Las Vegas, but this Art Studio will be located in the Las Vegas prison system. That is what the charity Give Kids a Break is all about.

I'm sorry to say this project never happen due to the tragic accident that Roy had.