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September 11 Memorial
Caesars Hail the Heroes

by Jack Miller

On Tuesday Nov.6, 2001, in Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas, Steve Kaufman, Pop Artist, born and raised in the Bronx, NY, unveiled a 15-foot by 40-foot painting that was dedicated to the memories of the New York City Firemen, who heroically lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack.

As part of America's healing process, Caesars Palace invited 46 Las Vegas Firemen to the massive unveiling. These Firemen had traveled back to Ground Zero, in New York City, to help the NYC Firemen in their time of need. As part of a heartfelt message to New York, Kaufman, along with Caesars Palace, invited not only the Las Vegas Firemen, but all visitors and residents in Las Vegas to sign the canvas, paying tribute to the heroes of September 11th.

Thousands have signed the canvases in the 15 foot x 40 foot painting, with 200 magic markers, helping to create a bold new body of art. The signatures now become as important as the art itself. The memorial painting, along with the thousands of signatures, will eventually be hung with other art as a border design around the September 11th Memorial in NYC.

911 was a very personal for Mr. Kaufman and the world. Being a New Yorker, Kaufman's "September 11th Memorial" is a statement of pride and honor. It was drawn a 24-hour audiences to Caesars Palace, helping to bring healing to thousands from around the globe. Visitors from as far away as Europe and Asia were drawn to Caesars Palace to sign the painting-sometimes waiting in line for hours.

It takes a soulful effort to create art that touches the souls of people. In Mr. Kaufman's effort, those who are now immortal to us, are emblazoned in a painting that has an immortal life to its own.