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Homeless Get Their Portraits

by Steve Kaufman

You must have noticed the new bus campaign to help the homeless.

The campaign has three portraits on the billboards of buses in 46 states. The portraits were done in Warhol style, a style that was meant for the rich and famous.


The legend continues with a twist. Just when you thought the dramatic pop culture silkscreen portraits of famous people had disappeared; it has been resurrected using NYC buses as their canvas.


The story starts with Bill Appfelbaum of T.D.I. advertising agency, who spotted a classified ad that appeared in Seven Days magazine. "Warhol portrait of yourself, your fifteen minutes of fame." But wait a moment, didn't Warhol die February 1987? The ad continues "NYC artist who worked with Warhol will silkscreen your portrait, Warhol-Style." Mr. Appfelbaum contacted the artist and approached him to help aid the homeless using the artist's talent and his well-known pop art style to get the general public recognition.


Kaufman proceeded to help in the homeless campaign. He searched NYC soup lines, shelters and Port Authority to find his subjects. The campaign will be seen in 46 cities on the billboards of buses and will raise the consciousness of people to help the homeless.


But you can help! With every phone call to 1-900-Can-U-Give, you will contribute a two-dollar donation to the homeless. Steve Kaufman has captured the imagination of Warhol art fans and aroused attention of the art world.


Kaufman worked for Warhol before finishing college. He left Warhol's famous Factory in 1982. Kaufman went to Europe where he had showings in the Air Gallery, Off Center Gallery, Kelley Gallery, and Edinburgh College of Art before returning to the USA.


Kaufman feels a sense of social obligation. He is working on doing Eddie Murphy's portrait and will donate the proceeds to Hale House. He plans to create a series of three hundred Eddie Murphy portraits to sell them off to benefit Hale House. "I’m labeled the bad boy of art, who is doing good like Robin Hood," said Kaufman.

Kaufman's recent travels include trips to Beverly Hills, CA, Germany, Switzerland and Tokyo, Japan where he had highly successful exhibition. His new fame has led to a new show in Tokyo in honor of Andy Warhol's birthday. "I don't want to say I’m better than the Warhol style," Kaufman said but he would agree to Warhol-Plus.


"Life is funny that way. Doesn't it imitate art, or the other way around?" said Kaufman.