Steve Kaufman
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A Thank You Letter



Yesterday a surprise was left at our doorstep. We cannot believe what you sent to us. It is very, very overwhelming and made me cry. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but comes from someone we respect and admire a great deal.


This for sure will be passed down the generations through my grandsons. It is not at all what we expected and once again, our breathe was taken away. You continue to amaze us with your talent and generosity.


We may not be big, big spenders even though I think we up to almost 200 all things Steve, but our hearts are ALWAYS with you and everything you stand for.


We hope to see you soon and are in awe of the case with the painted plate and cafe latte cup. It will be placed in a place of prominence, as are all our Kaufman pieces, especially the ones you have been so kind to give to us. (Of course it will be shown to our friends first)


I am still pinching myself every time I see the case because I cannot believe you took your time and generosity to send it to us.


Once again, god has blessed you with a talent that you do use for many good things and causes and we are blessed that God has brought you to us. I tell everyone I know about you, your kids and what a truly genuine person you are. You are very special to us and to many others.


I hope this finds you well.



Kyra and Andy!