Steve Kaufman
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Art, Some Guy's Name in The Bronx

Well, his name could have been Art, or should have been.

At 8, he had his first art show. By 12, he was painting dog and cat faces on pet rocks for NYC's Macy's department store. Kaufman was creating art before he even knew what it was.

As a true artist you just create, you have no other choice but to create, it's what you do. While other kids were playing with building blocks or using water colors, Kaufman was painting abstract like Jackson Pollock.

At 10 years of age, armed with his mother's old milkshake blender, he would put a tablespoon of bright color oil paint and a cup of pain thinner; put on the lid and start it; then aim the running blender full of paint towards his mother's brand new white bed sheets. Next, he would take his little brother and roll him up screaming in the sheets.

What he didn't know was that he was creating art -- In his eyes he was just having fun. And to this day, he still is.