Steve Kaufman
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Steve Kaufman says he's a regular guy,

but he is far from being regular.

Former assistant to Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman is considered one of the most important Pop artists of our time. Kaufman has his first one-man show at 8 years old at a local bank sponsored by a Jewish Temple in the Bronx. The paintings, a series on the Holocaust, were donated to the Jewish Holocaust Museum of Art in Brooklyn. In 1972 Steve was chosen, along with nine other students from NYC, to participate in a cultural art exchange between Japanese students. He was soon awarded a summer scholarship at Parson's School of Design for fine art and design. With an art career on the horizon he enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in New York and was fortunate to meet Andy Warhol. Kaufman became Warhol's assistant at The Factory. He would learn from experiences at The Factory while developing his own artwork. The impact of celebrity on contemporary culture intrigued Kaufman, thus famed faces of music and film find their way onto his canvas. Kaufman seeks to find society's common denominators-the elements and individuals who generate an immediate response from the viewer. Kaufman is an artistic journalist commenting both on history, both past and present. To deliver his perspectives, Kaufman has refined the silk-screening process, allowing for greater fluidity and definition in expression. Returning to the silkscreen canvas to add hand-over painting, each Kaufman silkscreen is a unique work of art. Kaufman's works reflect his changing thoughts and perspectives during the creative process. According to Kaufman, "I try to catch the spirit of the individual I've depicted. When working on the Beethoven images, I play Beethoven's music and strive to essentially become Beethoven."