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Another Thank You Letter

Dear Mr. Kaufman,

Thank you Mr. Kaufman for taking my call this morning. I was surprised when you told me it was you, hope I didn't babble on too much. I was expecting to talk with a receptionist or assistant. I just wanted to let you know I think your the nicest guy in the world, I admire all the charity work you do with the youth of LA. Your helping so many people.

Anyway, thank you again - today is my birthday and being able to speak with you was a great birthday present!! I love my "Marilyn_Chanel" and hope to buy two more of the Marilyns. I am an art history major and this is my first piece of "art". I'm so excited to have it - just couldn't get it out of my mind once I saw it in Palm Springs.

- Cheryl Hansen

P.S. I found your studio number at under Steve Kaufman Art


Thanks again!