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Ali and Sinatra

Steve Kaufman painted Muhammad Ali's portrait for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He got to hear thousands of people chant Ali, Ali, Ali, it was louder than thunder. When he arrived back in LA, he said nothing in his life could top what he felt in Atlanta. Kaufman picked up an issue of LA Weekly and Mr. Sinatra was on the cover. He was laughed at when Kaufman called Hollywood managers and agents about Kaufman getting permission to paint Mr. Sinatra's portrait.

Then Kaufman got a phone call from Mr. Sinatra’s lawyer. He represents Mr. Sinatra and his family. He asked who Kaufman was. Steve told him what he does with gang kids from prison. The lawyer had called again and said Tina Sinatra would like to see the kids. Kaufman said, that would be an honor. The lawyer said good, we are both outside your gate. When Tina saw the kids, she said, "Wow, it's like America's Most Wanted; you really do hire these gang kids." She said, "I'll tell my father about you; you can go over my sister's house and look at some photos of my father to start this project."

Kaufman spent 3 days going through 7 file cabinets full of thousands of photos from when Mr. Sinatra was a kid to the present. Kaufman worked with Tina on which images she felt represented her father best to Mr. Sinatra’s friends and fans. She selected 4 photos that were Mr. Sinatra's favorites: one of Mr. Sinatra in Vegas; one from his Capital Records cover "Easy"; and two photos of his recording dates at Capital.
Dedicated to the Memory of Mr. Sinatra.

Special thanks to Tina Sinatra and Bob, who have supported me in helping my kids choose a better life.