Steve Kaufman
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About Steve Kaufman's Website

This is the Legacy Website of the American pop artist Steve Kaufman (SAK), which he actively maintained until his untimely death in February 2010.

In his Will, Steve Kaufman left his Los Angeles-based Art Studio properties to Robert Womack, his friend and business partner.  Steve Kaufman left his licensing rights to Diana Vachier, his long time assistant.

Steve Kaufman's website has been restored with its original as well as updated content, and is maintained with the commitment to preserving his legacy as a world-renowned artist, humanitarian, and a beautiful soul.

Diana Vachier

Diana Vachier had the incredible opportunity to work with Steve Kaufman from 2000 until his passing in 2010.  She feels blessed to have known and worked with Steve, and honored to have stood in his shadow.

Steve Kaufman left his licensing and all rights in his Will to Diana Vachier.  It is with tremendous passion that she will promote his art, name, and legacy through Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC.
Together with her European staff Alberto Panizzoli and Silke Rau, and her U.S. team Dana Blum and Leslie Gonzalez, Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC will maintain the highest quality standards for all business projects and continue its success in placing Steve Kaufman's art into exhibitions and museums worldwide.

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Bob Womack

Robert Alexander Womack (Bob, a.k.a. "RAW") worked side by side with Steve Kaufman every day for more than 20 years.  Bob assisted Steve with his studio move from New York to Los Angeles, where they built a workspace that inspired not only Steve but many local youth.  Today, Bob continues to maintain and operate Steve Kaufman Art Studio.

On November 12, 2014, Diana Vachier and Alberto Panizzoli of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC interviewed Bob Womack, who was Steve Kaufman’s friend and business partner.

CLICK HERE for the RAW interview.